Laura Palavecino

Visual artist, professor and researcher

I am an Argentinian visual artist, professor and researcher specialized in technology and experimental games. I studied Fine Arts, I have a degree in Image and Sound Design (University of Buenos Aires) and a Master in Electronic Arts (National University of Tres de Febrero).

As a visual artist and researcher I carry out independent projects in the field of experimental games and new media, where both traditional fine arts and digital aesthetics converge through a personal interactive poetry.  My research focuses on experimentation with illustration, interactive narratives, the development of experimental games and art installations. In my work, traditional art and technology come together with the aim of generating an affective encounter with nature through inspiration in various fields of knowledge: science, ancestral stories and humanities. As a researcher, I have published numerous articles in which I analyze from an anthropological and iconographic perspective the use of ancient images in contemporary technological art practices. You can check it out in my site

Some of my electronic and video games artworks (High in the Sky and Beneath the Sky, Buscador Estelar de Sueños, Bambi-Bot, Astrolabe Project, Orpheus Quest, The Tale of The Fox and the Crane and Dream Interaction) were exhibited in Argentina and abroad: National Immigration Museum, Centro Cultural General San Martín, CCK, Galileo Galilei Planetarium, +Code festival, C3, (Argentina), Incubate Arcade (Netherlands), Alt.Ctrl.GDC (San Francisco, USA), Concordia University (Canada), AMAZE festival (Germany), Center of exhibitions of Guyancourt (France).

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