With the collaboration of Raúl Palavecino in the sound and electronic engineering.

Bambi-Bot is a robotic musical installation. It is an artificial garden whose only inhabitant is an automaton in the form of a deer which moves when hearing the musical notes of a glockenspiel. The glockenspiel is a percussion instrument similar to the xylophone (with struck metal bars instead of wooden bars) which has been modified so that it resembles a toy. This musical instrument is located near to the garden, on a small wooden table.

Bambi-Bot is an interactive piece of work: when people play the glockenspiel, the robotic deer wander around the garden to the beat of the musical notes, avoiding to touch the edge of the garden, always staying inside the wooden fences which separate the inner side of the garden from the rest of world. Bambi-Bot implies research about the expression of creativity by hybrid art forms which include electronic components, audio signal processing, recycled materials and interface design.

By means of interactivity, this work represents how we, as humans, shape the boundaries and features where living creatures develop themselves.The playful features of participation of this project entail a question about how animals and plants appears in game universes, in traditional, video and robotic games, and how sometimes its cute appearance hides a controlling attitude towards nature from a perspective in which human beings dominate the environment.