The Snake´s Song was conceived from the idea of building an immersive scenery capable of connecting virtual and physical spaces with the aim of submerging us in a landscape inspired by a notion coming from Inca culture which assures that a mirror relation connects Earthly life with the stars. The llamas, foxes, snakes and rivers that are so important in their communities have their celestial counterparts to which they turn their thoughts when it comes to explaining meteorological phenomena and cosmos. This work expands the universe recreated in High in the Sky and Beneath the Stars, which was developed earlier and portrays the relationship between celestial mythological tales, animal species and landscapes connected to the Western worldview that has roots in the Hellenistic Greek period. The Snake´s Song  takes up the question:

How can we embrace the cosmic event through contemporary artistic practices that interweave ancient images, digital media, environmental studies, science, South American aboriginal worldviews and games?

The Snake´s Song incorporates a decolonial perspective which commits with the decolonization of our imagery through the construction of narratives  born from the encounter between the oral tradition and literature with aboriginal roots, interdisciplinarity and the virtual universes of video games.