Beyond the Garden, (Más allá del jardín in Spanish), is a playable installation, whose main goal is to foster feelings of communion with nature. Its game scenario is inspired in the Delta and Islands of the Parana River ecoregion in Argentina. It’s composed of a big scale projection of interactive animated illustrations and an electronic votive offerings game console.

The participants must make the projected landscape bloom full of flowers. To do so it is required to pose the hands over votive offers made of clay or metal which work due to an analog electronic interface.These actions unfold a cycle in which more and more pollinating species, such as birds and butterflies, and then mammals, amphibians and reptiles, appear on screen. This project points to the importance of the conservation of the Parana River wetlands for the maintenance of the region’s biodiversity and its deep spiritual ties related to indigenous people system belief .

It is based on research that articulates science, environmental studies, ethnography, mythology and alternative interface controllers for video games.