*Co-authored with Ana Laura Cantera, Gabriela Munguía, Guadalupe Chávez Pardo y Paloma Marquez.

BIOJUEGO. Aquí y ahora: el Antropoceno ( BIOGAME. Here and now: the Anthropocene  in English) is a card game that takes the form of an experimental artistic device nourished by speculative thinking and radical imagination. The project invites us to reflect and imagine possible concrete actions in response to environmental problems on both a local and global scale, integrating matter, inhabitants and environment on a horizontal axis. Ultimately, the aim of the project is to generate a critical exercise and interdisciplinary debate that allows us to reconfigure our contemporary imaginaries in order to recognise and embrace the different powers, vitalities, affectivities and agentialities of nature and its relations with human beings.

The project incorporates different types of cards grouped into categories: hybridisations, poetics of the future, tools of thought, experimental actions, sensitive strategies, agents, practices of exploration, visualities and biomaterials. Each letter refers to a concept through texts or illustrations. In addition, there is a map of Argentinian species in danger of extinction, clickable figures and an electronic circuit that makes it possible to emulate the flapping of a hummingbird’s wings. Finally, a  roulette-type device allows us to combine the different types of categories and concepts so as to generate conceptual networks that allow us to discover new relationships between art, science, nature, technology and ancestral knowledge.