Dream Interaction is an art installation of an experimental game that combines poems, interactive animations and a Kinect camera. This is an art game that tries to generate a space of reflection on the essence of games and its possibility to act as both generators and re-generators of our own creativity and universal myths. Its protagonist is a woman who travels through four levels that allude to the four ancient basic elements of nature: water, fire, earth and air, with the objective of arriving at the fifth stage, as a symbol of physical transcendence. The game promotes interaction in the pursuit of sensory exploration and aesthetic pleasure materialized through the interaction with a large video projection.

Dream Interaction involves two kinds of interaction: one linear and another non-linear. The linear mode of interaction allows the participants of the experience  to move forward across the game levels unfolding the storyline of the poem. To advance in Dream Interaction, it is necessary to overcome these challenges by avoiding dangers which are metaphors of straying off the path of the search for the unity of being: such as disintegration, darkness, loneliness and the fear of death. These  challenges do not posit a high level of difficulty for the players. They don’t have victory or loss conditions. If someone fails in a challenge that has a countdown, the scene will restart immediately,  at the starting point of that scene . Sometimes it is even possible to continue to play following an alternative path. The non-linear mode of interaction consists of interactions with elements of the scenes with the aim of setting in motion flowers, plants, and other organisms of different kinds which do not modify the continuity of the poem. Dream Interaction is played with the Kinect motion sensor which senses the movement of the hands and the body displacement, to promote the immersion of the player, through the sensory experience enhanced by the body’s movement.