High in the Sky and Beneath the Stars was conceived from the  idea of generating a techno-poetic healing ritual to reconnect people with the sky and earthly nature through interaction mechanics that merge a performance, a virtual installation and an immersive online space.

This project brings together a conception of play as a magic circle and its potential to accompany a cosmic event, through a navigable web space on the Mozilla Hubs platform. The project emerged with the intention of sharing a post-human landscape as an interface for linking traces of voices and visions from different cosmologies, scientific narratives and my own fantasy, through a performance in which participant’s attention is directed towards the environment.

High in the Sky‘s mechanics incorporates a first person game perspective which is based in the use of 3D avatars. As a performance, High in the Sky and Beneath the Stars, implies a short journey guided by a poetry reading that tells a tragic story of survival in which totemism, interspecies kinship and veneration of the nature elements (water, earth, air and fire) are entangled.

The work was part of numerous exhibitions, among which the following stand out:  AMAZE Festival (Berlin, Germany, 2020), PLUSCODE (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2021) and Factors 8.0/BIENALSUR (Santa Maria, Brazil, 2021).