Mar Encantado (Enchanted Sea in English) is a journey through the bottom of the sea through kelp forests that transport us to a web where jellyfish, snails, starfish, fish, whales and sealions coexist. It is an immersive virtual artwork that can be experienced in different formats (first person 360° video and VR ) and whose protagonist is the biodiversity of the Argentinian Sea. Its scenario is a three-dimensional labyrinth set to music, whose arteries explore the existential links that interconnect people with the web of life, the ecological impact of pollution and an alternative approach to scientific development connected to spirituality. During this tour, different paths lead to the meditation area: a cosmic center, a place to become aware of the relationship between the care of the sea, biodiversity and the vitality of terrestrial environments. The work was conceived as if it were an interactive symphony because its musicalization is completed according to the journey of each person and according to the species that are contemplated.

Mar encantado takes into consideration the present and future projections of the ecological problems of the Argentinian Sea, but from an artistic sensibility inspired by a style that builds bridges between the aesthetics of Gyula Kosice, the Surrealism of Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington, the story Red Moon. Notes on the stoker’s trade in the canoe tribes of Tierra del Fuego by Leopoldo Brizuela, Bill Viola’s experimental video game The Night Journey and the environmental humanities. Through  aesthetics that appeal to visual poetry, narrative and gamers’ dynamics, it is possible to access scientific data, figures of native marine species, interactive musical tones and a narrative that weaves reflections from environmental philosophy.

The work was developed with the support and advice of ProyectoSub and the support of the Fusion 2020 Award (Argentina).

It has been presented at the Centro Cultural General San Martín  and the Centro Cultural de la Ciencia (Buenos Aires, Argentina).



  • Laura Palavecino from Argentina  (Idea, Art Director, Producer, Developer in Unity)
  • Anibal Hormeche from Argentina (Technical Lead and Programmer)
  • Gabriel Gallardo Alarcón from Bolivia/Germany (Musician and Sound Designer)
  • Malena Velarde from Argentina (Voice Over)
  • Gonzalo Bravo from Argentina (Consultant in Oceanography)
  • Victor Fornes from Argentina/Spain (Consultant in Technical Art)


QA in UX & Game Design (in alphabetical order):

  • Ana Laura Cantera
  • Silvina Lemmos (Chuchu)
  • Mariana Lombard
  • Diego Maté



ProyectoSub Fundation

Chilean Museum of pre-Columbian Art

DOSITS from University of Rhode Island and Inner Space Center.

PMEL Acoustic Program