Orpheus Quest is a music rhythm video game, whose narrative is based on the myth of Orpheus, the famous musician, poet and prophet in Greek mythology. Players use a lyre-shaped game controller with laser cords to simulate being the player character Orpheus shown in game. The aim of the game is to match the notes that scroll on-screen, by strumming the laser strings with the fingers in order to score points. If the player succeeds, Orpheus will leave unharmed from the place of departed souls, the underworld, along with his beloved Eurydice.


The screen is divided into two horizontal parts. On the bottom half, the strings and notes are displayed. And on the top half, Orpheus faces kawaii beasts which are both cute and frightening.


The visual style of the experience combines elements of Greek classical designs with modern iconic cartoonish forms. It incorporates curves and soft shapes with other straight and orthogonal forms to achieve, by disruptiveness, an updated modern and captivating vision of the myth. The aesthetic proposal is based on the glam of the ’80’s: it is a bit punk, pop, cute and very colorful.