Star Seeker of Dreams is a setting to connect us with the night sky in the same way as ancient people did. Since ancient times, star positions, asterisms and constellations have been used as guides to travel, to deduce natural cycles and worship.

Star Seeker of Dreams  is a mixed media interactive installation composed of an acrylic model, electronic circuitry and a video projection. The model represents the ideal contemporary scenery to contemplate the sky: translucent walled skyscrapers and crystalline dwellings made of acrylic. In its center there is an Astrolabe, an ancient device used to measure time and space by observing the position of stars. By rotating the hand of the Astrolabe people can discover the hidden figures of the constellations in the video projection. These stellar figures are illustrations in motion that arise from the reinterpretation of the hellenistic constellations, trying to bridge the gap between astronomy and storytelling.