A Walk through Fire (Un camino de fuego in Spanish ) is a game-poem that reflects on the emotional situations and metaphoric inner landscapes that a being goes through when they embark on the path of self-knowledge. This work was developed by connecting fragments of poems and vignettes illustrated in low resolution pixel art. The project was originated in the early days of the pandemic in 2020. The situation of forced confinement, the feeling of fragility in the face of the imminent danger of death of very close relatives, added to other very hard living conditions in the domestic sphere, led to a kind of existential crisis that I tried to channel in this very small project.


It came to my thoughts that in order to transcend very painful physical and emotional states, it was useless to cling to great material aspirations or the lavish canons of heroes who undertake great enterprises in Western narratives. At that time I thought that the real danger was all around us, very close, sneaking into our intimacy and inside us. There was no longer any point in fighting with giants to achieve transcendence, the important thing was to shrink, to become humble, to recognize one’s own temporary nature and to shatter one’s ego into a thousand pieces to reconcile with oneself.


Its soundtrack is the Romance for violin and piano, op. 11 by Antonín Dvořák, which was chosen for its calm and melancholic emotional tone with touches of joy and liveliness.


The game is available online to play on the web and its interaction is very simple: click on the screen to start and then interact with the arrows on the keyboard. A Walk through Fire was developed on the visual programming platform Bitsy


Link to the game